Nowadays smoking is a part of everyday life although government has mentioned danger of cigarettes on the pack, there are lung cancer, breathing problem, heart disease, fertilize problem, and other health risks; and government banned smoking in all indoor public places and also said there were 400.000 deaths every year. There are over one thousand million smokers throughout the world, who know about the risk of smoking, but it doesn’t make them stop smoking. It is because smoking makes an addiction. With this in mind, the question “Why do people start smoke?” is a really complicated one. Here, the writer tries to write the reasons why young people start smoking such as family habit, social interaction, and self enjoyment.

Family is the place where people’s personalities are built. Every child always looks their parents or relatives to be their model of life, so they will do good if their parents or relatives do good habit too. But sometimes there are families that their parents do smoking so their children maybe do smoking too. A teenager living in poverty line, with parents who have little education are most at risk of becoming smokers. In this matter the parents have a big deal about the children habit. The children can start smoking early in this case.

The second reason why people start smoking is from social interaction. Social interaction is the place where the people are in. A teenager is easiest to be influenced by their friends who are doing than doing what their parents would like them to do. They have a lot of friends there; you can have a friend who doesn’t smoke and a friend who smokes. Sometimes those who smoke try to offer you some cigarettes, but sometime you try smoke to follow their habit and to join their group. In other case, their group is used to drugs and drinking, so they will smoke too.

The other reason is from youngsters themselves. Everyone has their passion in himself, it is also in youngster, they have a lot of thing that they want to do. They can start smoking because they want to look cool, older, imitate movie idols. Some of them want to get some energy, and to loss their weight and to release stress. The rest they likes to rebel, they try what the parents had forbid for them, like smoking.

There are why young people start smoking. Besides, cause of illness, smoking can burn your money too. Now you can think it, not to start smoking or start smoking, but you must know nobody become a smoker because they want to! And it’s easier not to start than it is to stop! If you have young child, try to prevent them from smoking because parents have a bigger chance effect of influencing their and teach them not to smoke.


Source: Google 😛


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